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About us
It is our mission to let every customer have their own personalized umbrella.
Fxinda Umbrella Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that only customizes umbrellas for customers. We are different from other umbrella suppliers. We do not have inventory products. The products we provide to customers are all brand new products.
People of different races and regions need what kind of umbrellas, we will make what kind of umbrellas, even LED umbrellas, fan umbrellas, windproof umbrellas, flashlight umbrellas, etc.
Hotels, hospitals, schools, banks, energy enterprises, automobile companies, investment companies and even farms can find our umbrellas.
You don't need to worry about choosing the umbrella style. We have all the umbrellas you want: straight umbrella, golf umbrella, compact umbrella, travel umbrella, kid's umbrella, vented umbrella, etc.
Monochrome printing, multi-color printing, sublimation printing, magic printing and other printing methods will be you want to pattern, words, artwork, make on the umbrella.
As long as you have ideas, we can achieve the umbrella you want.
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