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Types of Umbrellas

Date:2023-03-09Browse times:2017

There are three types of umbrellas, one is rain umbrella, the second is sun umbrella or beach umbrella, and the third is patio umbrella. Now let's focus on rain umbrellas.


Generally, rain umbrellas are divided into three categories: straight umbrella, folding umbrella and golf umbrella.


According to different groups of people, the straight umbrella into children's umbrella and adult umbrella.  According to different opening methods, it can be divided into automatic opening and manual opening.


Folding umbrellas are divided into manual opening, automatic opening, automatic opening and retracting 3 types. According to the length, there are 2 sections, 3 sections and 5 sections.


There are two types of golf umbrellas, automatic open and manual open.


In addition, each umbrella can be made into double canopy or two layers


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